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We need your help!

Hi everyone,

As you may have seen, yesterday we launched a forum to accompany the site (which can be found here). Now we need your help.

Essentially the question is whether or not people who don’t ID as a woman/girl (but who are feminist/allies) should be allowed to participate in the forum or if we should have it as a woman/girl-only space.

The proposal is to open the forum to people of all genders, but to have a 101 board so that discussions elsewhere do not get derailed, and to have a password-protected woman/girl-only space.

What do you think?

Please help us out, we’re really looking for your feedback on this one. Any comments are greatly appreciated.

On being the crazy feminist in the room

Kristin tweets at @kristincraiglai and blogs at ShutUpLucille.com She is also a feminist life coach practising in Toronto.

I have a hard time saying that I’m disabled. I feel like that’s a term I’m not allowed to use, like I’m not disabled enough to use the term without being told off for co-opting a marginalized identity. I imagine that many people living with mental illness have similar internal struggles. But if you were to ask me how my mental illnesses (C-PTSD, social anxiety and depression) restrict my ability to function in the world I would tell you that I have to think carefully about the probability of being triggered before I go anywhere unfamiliar. I would tell you that I often have to suss out where I will run and hide if I get triggered or overwhelmed. I would explain that I have to bring a collection of items out with me in the hopes that they could help ground me in the event of an “episode”. I would also tell you that I am constantly assessing new acquaintances for how safe I think they are. If I have a breakdown will they get impatient or irritated with me? Will they be compassionate? Will they condescend to me and treat me like an injured kitten? Will they try to solve all my problems by offering insultingly obvious advice? Or will they just ignore it because my mental illness makes them uncomfortable? It’s not always easy to tell and I’ve been surprised more than once by a “friend’s” lack of compassion. As for work, how many work places are truly willing to accommodate an employee who sometimes has to call in triggered? How many employers would even hire someone if they knew that they had a history of mental illness? And who’s going to give me the flexibility I need to be able to attend appointments necessary for my treatment? Continue reading On being the crazy feminist in the room

Eating disorders and women’s roles

Olivia tweets at @nenfeataiko and blogs at Why Do They Do It?

[Trigger warning: discusses eating disorders, without numbers.]

Often when we hear about feminism and eating disorders we hear things like “the media’s focus on thinness is causing eating disorders!” or “unrealistic beauty expectations are the cause of eating disorders!” As a feminist, a woman, and someone with an eating disorder, I find these kinds of statements offensive. The real relationship between gender expectations and eating disorders is far more complicated than that. Continue reading Eating disorders and women’s roles