To submit an article for publication, please email: and we will consider your post.

We have editors and proofreaders who can read through your work before publication, if there’s anything in particular you would like checking, please indicate this in the email.

There are no set word limits for pieces published and no definitive deadlines, both are negotiable, just get in touch and we can work something out.

Publication can be done anonymously or under a pseudonym if you are most comfortable with this.

We also will accept historically published pieces if you have already written something that you think would be appropriate for the site. Similarly, we are happy to have posts cross-posted to the authors own blog.

We reserve the right to refuse publication to of any piece, without explanation. Publication is by editorial decision only.

We will not publish articles which are sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, classist or disablist.

As the site is run by a small group of volunteers with other commitments, there may be a delay of several weeks between your article being submitted, accepted, and published.

Thanks very much and look forward to hearing from you!

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