We screwed up & we’re sorry

Hi everyone,

it has been brought to my attention that earlier during the #doublediscrimination discussion I retweeted a tweet suggesting cyclic dysthymia isn’t a thing. This was wrong and I am genuinely sorry for this.

Many thanks to @GustyFlawless for calling us out on this. Below is her email to us which eloquently outlines the problem.

Sorry again,



Hey Zoe,

 I love what you’re doing with the sexism/ableism interactions today on Twitter, but there’s a thing that’s happened that really bothers me. You retweeted a tweet basically saying that Cyclic Dysthymia ins’t a thing – that it’s a pathologization of PMS. This is really shitty and disableist thing to say.

 Dysthymia is depression. Depression related to hormones and menstruation is a thing. That’s all Cyclic Dysthymia is, and being told by a person who doesn’t suffer from it that this illness isn’t real is beyond invisibalising and dangerous.

 The fact that I know multiple people who before/during their periods are basically unable to function – from pain and depression – and that none of them have been diagnosed with Cyclic Dysthymia is a REAL interaction of sexism and disableism.

 (TW for discussion of suicide/self-harm in the next paragraph)  The fact that women are dramatically more likely to commit suicide before or during menstruation but no one seems to know this is an interaction of sexism and mental health stigma. Ditto for self-harm. That this isn’t widely known by health professionals or women at risk is an interaction of sexism and disableism.

 I really believe in The Fementalists, which is why it was so disappointing to see you amplifying the voice of someone who denies the existence of an illness that a lack of awareness of literally costs womens’ lives.


 Rachel Scotland  (@GustyFlawless)



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