People with mental illness are capable

Ceri tweets at @tiredlegs. Here she write to the York Post with regards to a letter they published about mental illness.


Ken Holmes’ letter of the 19th July about Members of Parliament with
mental illness displays only his own ignorance and bigotry. About a
year ago, four courageous MPs, from both the Conservative and Labour
parties, stood up in Parliament to talk about their own experiences of
mental health problems, including obsessive-compulsive disorder,
anxiety, depression, and post-natal depression. Parliament has a
specific budget dedicated to supporting MPs with mental illness. I
personally know doctors, nurses, teachers, probation officers, church
ministers, and many other people who take responsible roles within
their communities, despite having mental health problems.

In York, almost 14 people in every hundred have depression each year,
significantly worse than the England average of below 12 in each
hundred. York also has significantly more hospital admissions for
mental illness per head of population than the England average. The
York Press should support the many York people who experience mental
illnesses, not publish poorly informed letters mocking a group of
people who are protected by Equalities legislation.

May God grant Mr Holmes wisdom to understand what mental illness
really means, and compassion for those affected by it.

Source for statistics about York:

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